Auction Item 3 by C0110

Auction Item 3 by C0110


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Cizerocentodieci was born in Padua in January 1976 (the sixth ) and start drawing everywhere, even on the toilet paper also before he learned to say shit.
He attended art school Modigliani in Padova with the enthusiasm of a sloth in vigil coma.
He excels in arts subjects and just, stop, the rest is an endless crying.
For this reason he started working in the health sector, such as orthopedic technician for more than twenty years (twenty long years) with great results and a bit of resignation.
Meanwhile the desire of art is not lacking, especially music, he founded the Bra Deep O'missile in 1994 and Centoscimmie in early 2000 with assets of albums, videos and various live.
In 2017 unemployment awakens an engine inside, like a fantozzi's burp.
Married with two children, there is no time to lose. 
Looking for a "normal job" or try to be an artist? This is the question! 
Granted answer boy, here he gambles everything!
He picked up the brushes and never stopped, what seemed impossible now, what seemed like madness, now it's a job.
It all begins with a door for the project Duda (high school Duca D'Aosta in Padova), where he painted a classroom door which was then dedicated to him.
C0110's classroom... it sounds incredible. 
Then comes the meeting with the Mediolanum Art Gallery with which has a good cooperation.
Whether it is a wall or a canvas, style is recognizable, obsession with faces and eyes in particular, figures that contemplate and tell stories, stories of us, of our weaknesses, dreams and contradictions.
The face becomes a door between matter and spirit, an inner vision, a knee in the teeth and a requested pardon.

Artist does not name his work.

Value: $100.00

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