Cultural Hack by Twenty Three Artist

Cultural Hack by Twenty Three Artist


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Twenty three is a visual artist from Cyprus who has been active in the streets from 2012, expressing a keen interest in urban culture, his critique is firmly and wittingly expressed through a series of powerful works, that are composed of appropriations and juxtapositions of iconic images, symbols, and problematic representations.

By mastering wheat paste and stencil techniques, twenty-three creates a visual language connected with the urban context while disrupting the main, loud narratives. Artworks – mostly made of stencil or wheat paste – are found in Nicosia, Madrid, La Coruna, Brighton, Rome, Palermo, Mexico City, Oaxaca, Chiapas.

An integral element of his work is the posing of questions, in relation to Cypriot identity and negotiating the relationship with social structures, history and tradition. twenty three has a strong focus on the politics of resistance in a postmodern environment around the globe.


Artwork: Cyanotype on paper

Size: 21cm x 29.7

Value: $120.00

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