Ivan Vazquez City of Big Dreams Live Piece

Ivan Vazquez City of Big Dreams Live Piece

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Ivan Vazquez COBD Live Art Piece 

Ivan Vazquez is a Mexican American visual artist born and based in Chicago Illinois. Ivan's work tells stories pertaining to humanistic, domestic, cultural, and social issues from an urban vantage point. Self-taught his work is Realism, Surrealism, Linear artwork, Pop art, Portrait, and Modern abstract expressionism. An artist of the times Ivan's work itself controversial yet progressive questions identity, social structure, and the effects of it on modern-day society. His work has been featured in sponsored shows/events ranging from the Jordan Brand, Don Julio Tequila, Mountain Dew, Red Bull Music Academy, The NBA, Pepsi co. Showtimes series “ The Chi”, and Toyota. Ivan Vazquez has shown in Pop up's and Gallery's in most major cities in the country and abroad.


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