Life WTR Limited Edition Skate Decks by Czr Prz x Life Water

Life WTR Limited Edition Skate Decks by Czr Prz x Life Water

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Limited Edition Life Water x Czr Prz Collaboration Skate Board Deck (1 out of 40)

Czr Prz is a multi-faceted urban contemporary/street artist, illustrator and go-to taskmaster for the imagination. Czr’s 20 year career has peppered the globe with various works. Although born and raised in Chicago, his stories have touched countless locations from America to Europe; works like large-scale murals, interior and exterior installations, paintings, sculptures as well as creative directed events and photo/video shoots. His work is very thematic and in a constant flux, changing from urban landscapes to elements nature down to abstractions of tangible objects. Even when transitioning between mediums, his work still maintains techniques from years of illustration, painting, and design, leaving a signature style that is visible regardless of the subject matter. Much of his influences lie in varied art forms from classical renaissance and Impressionism to more modern genres such as graffiti and graphic novels.


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