The Northsiders by Mike Rivera (Signed)
The Northsiders by Mike Rivera (Signed)

The Northsiders by Mike Rivera (Signed)


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Photography has always been a passion of mine, which I have been able to exercise through my background in journalism. I have absorbed the importance of reaching digital and print audiences through the channels of large markets, such as ABC News as well as smaller markets being Texas newspapers and magazines.

The success of these previous endeavors led me to my relocation to Chicago while working for the Chicago Tribune as a photographer and editor.

As I evolved through my career, my latest journeys have brought me to working in the creative field as a contract photographer and creative director based in Chicago traveling back and forth between Dallas, Chicago, and NYC., collaborating alongside videographers, photographers, writers, designers, in hopes of creating the unique content while still preserving the integrity and service of whatever imagery and artistry I have the opportunity of creating and collaborating on.

Uptown Chicago through photos 72-page Photo Book
8.5 x 11 Hardbound
Satin Paper Printed
Printed& Bound In Chicagoland

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