TSG x Dwight White: Embrace Change
TSG x Dwight White: Embrace Change
TSG x Dwight White: Embrace Change

TSG x Dwight White: Embrace Change

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Ever since his studies of Sociology and human behavior, White has been inspired by the ways in which one can capture truth visually. He loves the challenge of taking the consumer beyond just seeing the art - he believes they should feel it. His voice is profound and thoughts are intellectual, providing a path to follow for young people of the next generation. His confidence and commitment to his craft is inspiring as he embraces his function in society to document the history of connected experiences through art. 

As a young boy, the thought of mastering various artistic practices fascinated him but he never truly immersed himself in visual art. White grew up in an athletic home - with both of his parents being collegiate athletes, it made sense he would aim to excel in that arena as well. His talent and commitment to athletics took him to the Chicagoland area where he took the football field for Northwestern University as a defensive back. In his Junior season, that came to a sudden end due to a medical retirement. The door to achieve in athletics closing is what allowed White embark on his creative journey in fine arts. The former Texas football recruit was brought to Chicago to be “Reborn” an artist. 

The impressive creations to which he gives life on the canvas are symbolic of true empowerment, often centered around his heritage as a young African American male. In White’s world of painting, there are elements and experiences that relate to everyone such as one of his favorite concepts, there being “beauty in the struggle.” However, as he’s evolved as an artist, White has found unique ways to not only empower those who are subjects of his work, but also spark immediate thought and emotion through visual storytelling. White’s paintings live in both small and large scales depending on which audiences he aims to reach. With both gallery wrapped executions and murals, he engages his consumers at different touch points so he can connect with both the contemporary and street art community. The versatility is what many of White’s followers find the most fascinating. 

To leave a lasting impression on his viewers, he uses bold primary hues that typically contrast the human subject. The palette strokes of either oils or acrylics provides a unique balance to his creations, allowing the artist to take a traditional fine painting approach and enhance it by introducing textures and abstract elements of typography to the canvas. White finds his inspiration on the energy of human experiences through the lens in which he sees the world. His love for consumer insights and understanding the depths of his subjects allows the work to embody a truth to create a cultural experience. The art exists for White’s mental wellness and happiness on his evolving journey. He aims to spread love and knowledge rooted in empathy and empowerment of the people. 

My simple good is change, because change can be good and you can learn from it in a positive way. My simple good was inspired by the changes that I have been through that have made me a better person and friend. I depicted my simple good in my work by taking a photo of a little girl, who will eventually change into a grown woman. I plan on using the meaning of my simple good to inspire my community to make changes even if they are scared, and showing them that change can be good. This is important to me because change is necessary for growth, and for life. 


 Andrea P., 9th Bronzeville

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