New Quote Tee 1

New Quote Tee 1

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Exclusive collaboration and design to drop 11/30!!

All orders made between 11/9-12/3 will be placed on 12/4 following the City of Big Dreams fundraising festival. All shipments will be 3-4 weeks after final orders confirmed.

My simple good is nature, peace, and joy because feeling peaceful makes me calm, relaxed, and happy. My simple good was inspired by nature and laughter of my friends. I depicted this in my work by taking a photograph of flowers in a garden. I plan on using my meaning of the simple good to improve my community and change the world by spreading joy and peace. This is important to me because it makes me calm and gives me joy. 

  Alexander Lopez, 6th Grade 

Madero Middle School 

Why choose us?

Reason one

When you buy from The Simple Good you’re not just buying a t-shirt or a mask – you’re telling a community of Chicago youths that their dreams are worth your investment.

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Reason two

You can support The Simple Good by buying our (awesome!) merch and the art and other items through our auction. You can share your own creativity in our collaborative art project. And you can donate to us here.


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