Sheroes of COVID-19 [Chicago Edition] Comic Book
Sheroes of COVID-19 [Chicago Edition] Comic Book
Sheroes of COVID-19 [Chicago Edition] Comic Book

Sheroes of COVID-19 [Chicago Edition] Comic Book

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During Winter 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic that still dictated our realities, there was no certainty on what life would continue to look like. It was during this time when Chicago non-profits, The Simple Good and BUILD Chicago, came together to reflect on the challenges of the past year and how we can work together to create light amidst the chaos. It did not take long for the youth to become the highlight of the discussion, being inspired by the resilience they always show. It was important for us to celebrate their continued strengths, leadership, and acts of simple good that they take part in everyday in order to show the world that these are acts that truly impact others.

 This compilation of comics was inspired by The Simple Good’s Sheroes of COVID-19’ book, which shared stories about female sheroes from across the globe who stepped up their leadership to spread the simple good during the pandemic. We wanted to challenge our girls to also think of themselves as change agents in their worlds as Sheroes of Chicago- elevating their truths that they have discovered throughout the pandemic.

This book is written by BUILD Chicago’s BUILDing Girls 2 Women youth who will share how they are Sheroes in their Chicago communities, depicting the ways they have used their meaning of the simple good to change their world. Read their stories and join their movement in order to create a better world… together.

Proceeds of this book go to TSG and BUILD Chicago.

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